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LEO Club Rotterdam - 't Witte Huisch
First international LEO Club in the Netherlands

The Leo Club Rotterdam is proud to be the first international LEO Club in the Netherlands. Founded in early 2012, a group of enthusiastic young adults decided to enrich the city of Rotterdam with another, yet unique, service club. Leadership, Experience and Opportunity Is the credo of LEO international, a world-wide organization which connects the youth of the world. Of course, these LEO attributes are at the core of all our endeavors. For us, these three key words were not enough, therefore we extended them to formulate our mission: "To help the ones in need by means of physical and intellectual resources and support by functioning as supporter of established charitable organizations, as a medium between the ones in need and those willing to give, and by providing service to the community as a club. While being international internally, the primary focus is on the Rotterdam area." How do we achieve our mission? On our quest for community betterment, we have decided to pursue several activities that revolve around the core pillars of our club, namely: education, culture, health, sports/recreation and an international focus.


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